Terms, Rate & Qualification

In the finance industry all matters of lending are predicated upon risk, but when the bank says “no” sometimes there are few lenders available for immediate financing solutions. That’s where Bridge Solutions Inc. comes in.

Loans are typically 3-12 months but can go longer.

Qualification requirements may include the owner(s) commitment, and other acceptable security, such as accounts receivable, inventory, various types of assets, corporate shares, cross collateralization, financed equipment etc.

Our rates and fees are competitive with other private lenders.

Fill out our funding request form, identify your requirements, assets and we can provide a term sheet that will outline Bridge funding requirements, term of the loan, interest rates and origination fees.

Bridge does not charge any upfront fees.

The Experts in Funding and Financing.

Let our experts assist you in getting funding or financing that meets your needs and budget. We can assist you in obtaining amounts of all sizes.

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